About me

I’m Daniela, a professional photographer from Italy now based in the Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Since when I started to take photos with my father’s Zenith I’ve always been fascinated by this powerful medium that can show the familiar in the unknown or can reveal what we know as we see it for the first time.

I graduated in Photography at Fine Art Academy so my style is deeply inspired by my artistic background,both in my personal projects and in my commissioned work,I love to keep exploring how photography can create different realities only showing the surface of things.

In Italy I’ve been working for a big Company in the field of commercial and fashion photography for 8 years and now that I’m in Mexico where I started to work professionally as a destination wedding and portrait photographer I can exploit my experience in photographing people and guide them to pose in a natural way,all this under a stunning natural light.

My goal is simple at the end, to catch images that allow to come back to feel vivid sensations looking at them.